Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Monochrome or a hint of color?

Recently my wife and I toured the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse.  You can climb to the 200+ steps to the top.  I climbed.  Lynn stayed at the bottom.  I took this photo of the the cascading steps from the top of the lighthouse.  I post processed the photo into the monochrome that you see here in Nik/Google Silver Efex Pro.  The original photo with a hint of color is below.

A subtle difference, but I am curious which one you prefer?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Removing an ugly sign in Nik/Google Snapseed.

While on my daily walk today I spotted the beautiful Mercedes-Benz above.  I really should have positioned my body and camera to eliminate the offending sign!  In post I took out the sign with Nik/Google Snapseed's healing brush.  This is an app for the iPhone and iPad.  But, there is a trick that I just learned to getting it right without messing up the photo.  When working in Snapseed and after selecting the photo you need to select the Healing Brush.  Then you need to double tap on the image to greatly enlarge it.  If you just use the resulting photo without enlarging it for the edit I can guarantee that you will mess it up.  Then you just need to carefully brush your finger over the area that needs to be replaced.  And, voila...that's all that there is to it. That's what I did above.  Nice car.  How did I do?

Friday, August 19, 2016

ACDSee Collage for a nice presentation of special events.

Our granddaughter, Savannah goes back to school Monday. Lynn and I traveled to Littleton, Colorado to be with her for a few days before she becomes preoccupied with the Second Grade. On Thursday afternoon her school invited parents a friends to meet the kids new teachers. I took a few photos and built this collage quickly with the mobile version of ACDSee. There are many templates available.  I have used ACDSee on my desktop at home almost since there beginnings to catalog my images. There are so many options today for preserving ones images for access on the road. I like this one. 

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