Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sedona Arizona Favorite Photos

Moon rise at Cathedral Rock

Lynn and I just returned from a great week in the Sedona-Cottonwood-Clarkdale, Arizona area.  This is a great spot for beautiful scenery, color and iconic southwest photo ops.  The photo of the moon rise at Cathedral Rock is an HDR.  The moon rise over the mountain makes it special.  I am thankful to an Arizona photographer that was shooting beside me for this rare opportunity.  I was ready to pack up my gear when the fellow next to me suggested that I might want to wait another minute or two...and voila...this is the scene that I was able to get.  My mystery friend said that he consults the iPhone app The Photographer's Ephemeris for the position of the full moon rising.  He drives from Flagstaff to Sedona upon every full moon to get the photo that I was lucky enough to stumble upon!

Sunset over Hangover Mountain

We took a 4 wheel drive trip up Schebley Hill Road in one of the Sedona iconic Pink Jeeps.  This might sound like an easy trip, but as soon as you leave the pavement you are on a non-maintained road that is about as bumpy as you will ever see.  Don't attempt this in anything but a 4 wheel drive vehicle with plenty of clearance.  There was still some mild smoke from the recent forest fires hanging over the mountains, but I was thrilled to get this sunset photo from the 6,000 foot summit.

The train station at Clarkdale is just a 30 minute drive from Sedona.  This is where the Verde Valley Railroad begins its 4 hour round trip journey along the Verde River to Perkinsville.  I love this 1940s era railroad.  You can buy an Economy Class ticket and shoot your heart out from the open, but covered cars that are next to every enclosed car.  The high desert scenery is magnificent and you just might see a bald eagle in flight.  

Sedona-Cottonwood-Clarkdale - It is paradise for the photographer.