Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Churches of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A highlight for photographers that spend any time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is the opportunity to photograph the incredible church architecture throughout the Guanajuato State.  

Equally interesting are the church interiors.  So much detail.  It almost seems like all of the incredible chandeliers came from the same factory.  My biggest challenge with my photos of interiors was telling one from another.  They are really all beautiful, but similar.

Wow, look at this ceiling which is at the remote church in Atotonilco, about 8 miles out of San Miguel.  The following is the very plain exterior of this Catholic Church.

Of course the Parroquia (above) is the centerpiece of San Miguel.  If you meander in the streets of the city at one point you will be enjoying this incredible parish.  There is something happening at the Jardin, just outside of the Parroquia almost every day.

The architects of these churches all must have had a great sense of color.  Almost every church seems to be a riot of color contrasts like this one. Spending a couple of weeks in San Miguel is rewarded with great photo opportunities like these.