Monday, February 16, 2015

iPhone Photography Convenience

I never thought that I would be saying this. Lynn & I recently returned from a two week Colorado trip skiing and visiting with our daughter and granddaughter. 99% of my photos were taken with my new iPhone 6. 
It is so convenient to be in a restaurant and to hand a camera over to a server that they use everyday rather than asking them to figure out the knobs and settings on my regular camera. 
This is my granddaughter arriving at the Base of Peak 9 in Breckenridge after her first ski lesson. 
Lynn's chili rellenos at Mi Casa. 
This is one was taken with my friend Jeff's iPhone which has a waterproof case. 

I certainly look forward to taking my DSLR back out of the bag, but it certainly was a fun experience just using my new iPhone on this trip. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Experimenting with Instagram

Recent feedback from my daily podcast diet has led me to try Instagram. I have always been a fan of square format (1x1) photos. Also, I have been told that more photo buyers congregate on Instagram than Facebook or Google+. I have yet to confirm this. So, I decided to jump in the pool with this photo that I took recently of a historic steam train arriving in Mt. Dora, Florida from nearby Tavares. 

I originally shot the photo in 2x3 format on my Olympus EM-10 and converted to black & white in Nik (Google) Silver Efex Pro. I am showing the original version of the photo above for comparison to the square version for Instagram below. As you see, with the square version I lose the train station and a few passengers. 

Your thoughts?