Thursday, October 10, 2013

America in My Rearview Mirror

2013 has been a year for us for seeing more of America.  We have traveled to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York, the Texas Hill Country, Historical Williamsburg, Virginia, my birthplace in Huntington, Indiana and twice to Colorado. I thought that I would share a few special moments.

  There is something that I really like about this iPhone photo that I took from the passenger side of our SUV  on the open road in southern Colorado with the 16 wheeler in the rear.  No, those aren't dust bunnies on the rear view mirror...just road dirt.

I was intrigued by this old mine, high up on the granite, near Quandry Peak, one of Colorado's famous 14ers (14,365 feet). Boy, the stamina that those miners must have needed not only to get to this desolate place, but to handle the altitude as well.  This is an HDR taken with my Nikon D7000 and Nikon 70-200mm lens.

Sunrise at the Great Sand Dunes National Park and the elk are thick looking for food in the meadow.  Colorado offers so much variety.

Finally, a photo that I took a couple of years ago on Mr. Evans.  A fellow was working on the grounds around Summit Lake with perhaps 20 mountain goats surrounding him.  This guy decided that it was time to mess up the park worker's dirt pile!  It is fun to get out and savor it all!

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